We help fashion brands streamline their supply chain, providing you with modern, creative solutions that fix what is often broken.

If your brand isn’t seeing orders in a timely manner, aren’t getting the quality you had in mind, don’t know how to produce what you see in your head, we help you get exactly the product you want to sell at the price you have in mind.

Current Clients

Kyrgies by Sven

Kyrgies by Sven are the ultimate hygge house shoes that refresh your feet with handfelted wool.

Break North

Cool hats for grown ups

Steward Outdoor

Organic outdoor products

On Demand Clothing Production

On-Demand Production

We specialize in “on-demand” production. If you are a direct to consumer brand, we can produce your goods one-to-one, so that you never take inventory risk. If you are a traditional retailer, we can provide agility no other producer can match.

By helping brands and factories get vertical, we can take your production and delivery time down exponentially. The key to modern supply chains is agility. We’ll make you more agile without sacrificing quality and without making your clothes in destructive, immoral ways.

New Products

Our partner factories, apparel mills and branding experts can help you develop and add new products or find new vendors when the old ones aren’t working. We work every step of the chain, from sampling and merchandising to production. We work with vendors in all fields, in all apparel categories.

New Brands

From sampling to merchandising, production to distribution, Clothing Incorporated can help you take your company from concept to product. If you’re afraid about minimums being too high, startup costs being a barrier to entry, or simply don’t know where to begin, we can help you find a solution. We know the people you want to work with. We work with them every day.


Clothing Incorporated believes every piece of clothing should be made by people who want to make clothes using sustainable and efficient methods of production.

That sounds simple, but in fashion, it’s rarely the case. We can help your brand tell a story you can be proud of, a story that will appeal to customers and please your brand’s stakeholders.

Local for Local

Clothing Incorporated is built around the truism that the closer production is to consumption, the fewer abuses occur in the supply chain. We can trace every step of our supply chain for every garment we help produce. We know the good players and the bad ones. We’ve worked diligently to make sure our vendors and our partners are a positive influence in their communities.

If your supply chain is flawed, we hope you’ll let us help you re-shore and change your vendors.

Organic Cotton

It's hard to underestimate the positive impact that switching to organic cotton can have on our planet. The use of standard cotton in the fashion industry not only takes a toll on our environment, but the end product is actually unhealthy.

Clothing Incorporated is dedicated to making organic cotton available to our clients whenever possible. We source our raw organic cotton from the Texas Organic Cotton Cooperative, use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) spinners, and manufacture at the only GOTS certified apparel factory in the US.

This is more sensitive for the planet, better for those who work in every step of production, and safer for our end consumers. In addition, this is a story that any brand should be proud to tell. For more on the difference between standard cotton and organic cotton, the following article tells that story well.

Hemp, Tencel, Poly, Linen

Cotton remains king, but cotton isn’t the only fabric we like to use. Other fabrics we help our brands source use less water, create less waste, and make less of an ecological footprint. Let us know what fabrics you have in mind and we can help you source the most sustainable version on the market.

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